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Kuli Water Fall, Imbak Canyon, Sabah, Malaysia (24/March/2013)

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Gibbon Song
male song 鳴き交わし New!

Imbak Canyon
Preresearch-March 2013 New!

Travel & Gibbon-Research in Borneo
Travel-March 2000
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Zoo-gibbon at Fukuchiyama Zoo
Sakura-12/1999 No1-No3
Sakura-02/2000 No4-No6
Sakura-06/2000 No7-No9
Sakura-09/2000 No10-No12
Sakura-12/2000 No13-No15
Satuki-09/2001 No1-No3
Satuki-12/2001 No4-No6
Satuki-01/2002 No7-No9
Satuki-04/2002 No10-No13
Satuki-05/2002 No14-No18
Satuki-07/2002 No19-No23

Zoo-gibbon at Hamura Zoo
Satuki-03/2003 No1-No3
Satuki-03/2004 No4-No5
Satuki-08/2004 No6-No7
Satuki-04/2010 No1

Zoo-gibbon at Kyoto City Zoo
03/2005 No1

GRP in Phuket
03/2003 No1

Japanese macaque at Arashiyama Monkey Park, Kyoto
03/2004 No1


Geological papers


Deutschland and Esterreich-1991, 1994
America nad Canada-1998
Italy and Iceland-1999 No1(Italy) No2(Iceland)

Mountain climbing


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